Consultation Agreement

Being able to be thorough and clear with the process of our upcoming project is very important to the journey of bringing this masterpiece to life! Since a lot was gone over, I wanted to share this with you so that you so you can refresh yourself at your leisure!


-$200 hourly

-Sessions are 3 hours long (per appointment)

-$200 deposit required (per appointment) 

 -Once a deposit is dropped, it is non-refundable for any reason! 

-Deposits are non-transferable between people

 -A major design change may require a new appointment.


-Her designs are based on everything you and I talked about and anything you and Katy discuss during your consultation, with artist freedom.

-Katy does not send sketches beforehand(There is a loss of translation through messages anyway, trying to explain artwork that is drawn as a stencil is difficult to explain through texts. Also, she doesn’t do this because there is a chance of artwork being stolen that way and we don’t participate in that. She designs from her heart on meaningful pieces for you and it’s saddening when their artwork is stolen or misunderstood.)

-If she needs to make minor adjustments, explain the design in more depth, or resize anything, it’s much more efficient to do it with you there, the day of your appointment right before we start tattooing.

The Tattoo Process

-Once the design is understood and everything you ever dream of, then she starts tattooing.

-Remember that she is an intuitive artist. Everything that you have seen in her portfolio was done that way. Sometimes when she is on the skin, Katy gets inspired and magic happens. You get more of a unique piece that way!

-Make sure you eat two (2) hours prior to your appointment so your blood sugar is normal. Keep a clean diet 2 days leading up to the tattoo. Healthier eating = healthier skin. Eating healthy will help the skin take ink, and take less time. 

-Bring water with you because it reduces the swelling and redness of the skin and starts healing the tattoo immediately.

-You may bring one (1) friend with you. You can come by yourself. These are completely fine.(Don’t bring more friends. We love people but we have multiple artists in the shop, all with clients. Also, friends tend to become more distracting and you unconsciously move more than you think you are which compromises the quality of the work.) People can stop by, but please, no groups.

 (Please leave the kids at home! It is not safe or legal to have children in the tattoo shop. There is possible exposure to biohazards and sharps. It’s not child-friendly environment) 

-Once the tattoo is finished, Katy will provide you with aftercare. She will go over how all of that works during that time so I am not giving you extra information that you don’t need right now!


-If you cancel or no-show then you forfeit your deposit.(Please let me know because I can do more to help if there is communication)

-If you need to reschedule, you get one (1) reschedule per appointment.

-If you reschedule and can’t make your second appointment, then you forfeit your deposit. (Unless it is an emergency. I understand that life happens because it happens to me so please just let me know and I am willing to work with you. We have a limit on how many times someone can reschedule because it takes up time in Katy's schedule)

-If Katy needs to reschedule you, it does not count as your reschedule.(That would be on her. She only reschedules if there is an emergency, if she is sick and can’t be in the shop because of sanitary reasons, or upcoming travel for business that dates weren’t available at the time of scheduling) 

Final Notes

I hope this helps you understand how your session with Katy will go and relieve any concerns or misunderstanding! If you have any questions between now and your appointment that weren’t covered, please don’t hesitate to ask!