Covid-19 Update


1. Is my appointment still set?- As of right now, all appointments from now until April 30th have been canceled due to a mandatory shut down. It may get extended out. If that happens and your appointment falls in that time frame, we will need to reschedule your appointment. 

 2. If I need reschedule how do I go about that?-As of right now, we are holding off on rescheduling anyone until we know how things are going to play out. We will reach out to you to get you rescheduled when that happens. We are opening specific days for everyone that we need to reschedule, so that we get everyone in as soon as possible. 

 3. Is my deposit still valid?-Your deposit is still valid and will move to your new appointment time and go towards the total cost of the tattoo. Deposits are nonrefundable for any reason. 

 4. How long will I have to wait if I reschedule? (Priority)- We are opening up specific days for everyone that needs to reschedule. You have priority and we want to make sure you get in, in a timely manner.